Tow Trucks in Severe Weather

Hamburg Towing Service

When the Weather Turns When the skies darken and the winds pick up, the road ahead can become a treacherous place. We’ve all been there, driving through heavy rain or snow, trying to keep our focus on the road. But what happens when your vehicle breaks down in these severe weather conditions? Let’s dive into … Read more

Flat Out the Best: The Advantages of Flatbed Towing

Mound City Light Duty Towing

Safe and Sound Vehicle Transport Have you ever had a car breakdown and wondered about the best way to get it to safety? Flatbed towing is often the recommended method for towing vehicles securely. Whether you’ve seen a luxury sports car being towed or a classic car being transported to a show, flatbed towing is … Read more

Distracted Driving: The Risks and How to Stay Focused

Nebraska City Accident Recovery

Why Focused Driving Matters Have you ever found yourself drifting off into thought while behind the wheel? Maybe you’ve glanced at your phone, checked your makeup, or tried to multitask with a snack? We’ve all had moments where our focus slips, but these moments can have serious consequences. Distracted driving is a leading cause of … Read more

Mastering the Elements: Driving Tips for Rain, Snow, and Fog

Nebraska City Roadside Assistance

Safe Driving Despite Adverse Weather Situations As we navigate through the changing seasons, each brings its own set of challenges for you as a driver. Rain pelts down, blurring your windshield, snow blankets the roads in a slippery white sheen, and fog rolls in, reducing visibility to a few feet. These conditions not only test … Read more

How Hamburg Towing Services Come to Your Rescue

Hamburg Towing

A Lifeline for Unexpected Situations Have you ever found yourself stranded on the side of the road? Whether your car decided to give up or you had an unfortunate encounter with another vehicle, situations like these make you realize the true value of a reliable Hamburg towing services provider. Our Hamburg tow truck can rescue … Read more

Tow Trucks: What to Know When You Need One

Heavy Towing In Hamburg, Ne

Understanding Our Equipment There are many reasons why our clients request a tow truck. Often, their calls are accident-related. Sometimes, they need a vehicle moved from their premises. Whatever the reason, requesting a tow is usually not an experience most motorists encounter frequently.  When faced with a scenario calling for a tow truck, you may … Read more

Preparing Your Heavy Truck Fleet for Winter

winterizing your truck

Essential Tips for Winterizing Your Truck As winter approaches, heavy truck fleets face unique challenges due to the harsh weather conditions. Benefiel Truck Repair & Towing specializes in providing comprehensive services to ensure that your fleet is ready for the cold season. The importance of preparing your trucks for winter cannot be overstated, as it … Read more

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

gift ideas for truck drivers

Gift Ideas for Friends and Family on the Road Truck drivers are the unsung heroes of the open road, crisscrossing the country to ensure goods are delivered on time. At Benefiel Truck Repair & Towing, we understand the challenges that truckers face, from long hours behind the wheel to navigating unpredictable weather conditions. This holiday … Read more

Maximizing Fuel Efficiency: Tips for Diesel Truck Drivers

mobile diesel repair

Diesel truck drivers are no strangers to the importance of fuel efficiency. With long hours on the road and heavy cargo to transport, every gallon of fuel saved can make a significant difference in operating costs and overall profitability. Benefiel Truck Repair, with over 50 decades of experience working with local owner-operators and trucking companies, … Read more

Heavy Duty Tow on I-29

Big Rig Towing Benefiel 2

Heavy Duty Tow for Trailer Carrying Canned Beverages  Benefiel Truck Repair & Towing recently had to handle a heavy duty tow job after a huge tractor trailer accident on I-29 in Missouri. The call came in from the Missouri Highway Patrol, who reported that the trailer carrying canned beverages had taken a serious hit, leaving … Read more