Heavy Tow Truck Used for Damaged Tractor Trailer

Teamwork and Heavy Tow Trucks Make for Successful Heavy Recovery in Rock Port  

Heavy tow trucks and two experienced Missouri towing companies made for a successful heavy recovery in Rock Port. The Benefiel Truck Repair & Towing crew recently received a call from a neighboring heavy towing company whose team needed assistance with a tractor trailer found in a ditch.

The Benefiel team was more than happy to help out by sending our crew and a heavy tow truck or two! We brought a 75-ton rotator, 35-ton wrecker, 25-ton wrecker, heavy duty road service truck, 4-axle tractor, and a landoll trailer.

Once at the location, the Benefiel crew worked with the other towing company together to tow the tractor trailer. They learned that the vehicle had jumped over a creek, going airborne and had sustained heavy damage upon landing. With a few more helping hands, the tractor trailer was successfully recovered in about 6 hours. 

Great job to the Benefiel crew for lending a helping hand! Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Details of Teamwork and Heavy Tow Trucks Make for Successful Heavy Recovery in Rock Port  

Benefiel Truck Repair & Towing received a heavy tow truck request from a fellow towing company in Rock Port, MO. The Benefiel crew answered the call at 11:15 p.m. asking for heavy tow truck assistance. 

The other heavy tow truck team notified the dispatcher that the heavily damaged car hauler tractor trailer was located on I-29 at mile marker 115. The Benefiel team was happy to help and made their way to the location. 

The heavy tow truck team brought along a 75-ton rotator, 35-ton wrecker, and a 25 wrecker, as well as a heavy duty road service truck, a 4-axle tractor, and a landoll trailer.

Once the Benefiel crew arrived at the scene with their heavy tow trucks and equipment, they assessed the situation. By that time, the Missouri State Patrol was also on the scene in response to the tractor trailer in the ditch.

After jumping over a creek, the tractor trailer had gone airborne, sustaining heavy damage upon landing. Fortunately, the driver immediately recognized the need for a heavy tow truck, towing equipment, and a team of towing professionals to recover the vehicle. 

The heavy tow truck recovery team from Benefiel assisted the other towing company in recovering the tractor and trailer from the ditch. The vehicle had heavy damage to the drive axles, and the front axle was completely separated. The towing crew split the units of the tractor trailer before towing the trailer with a heavy tow truck. Next the tractor was lifted with the rotator and loaded onto the landoll trailer. 

The units were transported to the other towing company’s yard where the tractor was lifted off of the landoll and put back onto the ground. After 6 hours, the heavy tow truck teams completed the recovery. The equipment was put away and units were returned to service at 5:15 am.