Construction Equipment Towing at Levee Project

Construction Equipment Towing Team Called in to Lift Articulating Tractor

Benefiel’s construction equipment towing team was happy to help a loyal customer with a heavy lift. Everyone living in the Missouri Valley remembers the heavy flooding the region received in 2019. With some towns receiving up to 14 feet of water, something needed to be done. The United States Army Corps of Engineers was called in to raise the Missouri River levee height in order to prevent further flooding. 

On this particular day, a John Deere articulated tractor had broken down after serious transmission issues. While the construction team had arranged transport to the nearest John Deere dealership, they still had to solve one massive problem. With the tractor being completely undrivable, they needed help moving the 45,000 lb machine onto the trailer!

Using their 35-ton and 60-ton rotators, the Benefiel construction equipment towing team got to work. They used a cross-chain technique in order to ensure that the articulated tractor would not move when they lifted it. With the chains in place, the two rotator operators simultaneously lifted the tractor onto the awaiting lowboy trailer. Now it was finally ready to head to the dealership for some much-needed repairs!

Great work out there team! You made light work of a heavy situation and helped keep the project on track!

Details of Construction Equipment Towing Team Called in to Lift Articulating Tractor

The Construction Equipment Towing division at Benefiel Truck and Tow received a call requesting aid to move a disabled articulated tractor. A 35 ton rotator and a 60 ton rotator were dispatched to the construction site from the Benefiel office at 2888 US-275, Hamburg, IA 51640, United States.

Once the construction equipment towing team arrived at the customer’s location, they assessed the situation in order to devise a plan. The heavy duty towing team decided to use a cross chain technique in order to prevent the tractor from articulating during the lift. The cross chain technique went from the right rear to the front left and from the left rear to the front right. 

With the 60 ton rotator on the left and the 35 ton rotator on the right, the construction towing team began to lift the tractor into the air. The construction equipment hauling team moved the tractor over to the lowboy trailer. Once the articulated tractor was over the lowboy trailer, the construction equipment tow truck team slowly lowered it down onto the trailer.

The construction equipment towing team removed their chains from the articulated trailer. The customer had already arranged their own trailer to bring the tractor to a nearby John Deere dealership where its transmission would be repaired.