Towing Service on Iowa 333

Towing Service Recovers Vehicle from Creek 

Benefiel Towing Service jumped into action after an early morning call from the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office. A vehicle had been driving westbound on Iowa 333 just outside of Hamburg when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle cleared the guardrail and tore through the brush, ending up at a standstill in a creek 50 feet away from the highway!

Due to the challenging location of the vehicle, Benefiel chose to dispatch a 35 ton rotator to the accident site. Thanks to the rotators boom, it has a long reach and was capable of accessing the car from the highway! 

Due to the surrounding terrain, the only way to get the vehicle back onto the road was to lift it over the guardrail once again. Two towing service operators made the short trek to the creek in order to attach the tow lines to the frame of the vehicle.

The rotator made quick work of recovering the vehicle from the creek. Once it was back on the road, the towing team and Sheriff’s department was able to get a good look at the vehicle. To say the vehicle was totalled is an understatement! It had collected so much foliage during the crash that parts of the vehicle were now green!

The towing service team winched the vehicle onto their flatbed trailer. They brought it to the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office impound lot where it would undergo further investigation.

Great work out there team!

Details of Towing Service Recovers Vehicle from Creek 

The towing service dispatch center at Benefiel received a call from the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office. A towing service was needed on Iowa 333, ten miles east of Hamburg. Benefiel towing service dispatched a 35-ton rotator and a flatbed tow truck to the site of the accident.

Once at the scene, the towing service team assessed the situation. Two tow truck operators cleared the guardrail and made their way to the vehicle. The towing service team then attached tow lines to the frame of the vehicle. 

When the lines were in place, the rotator operator lifted the car into the air. The towing service then slowly moved the rotator back towards the road. Once the car had passed over the guardrail, the towing service team deposited it on the ground.

The Hamburg towing team then unhooked the vehicle from the rotator. It was now time to winch the vehicle onto the flatbed trailer. The towing team hooked onto the front axle of the car and winched it up onto the flatbed. 

The car was towed to the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office impound lot as it needed to undergo further investigation to determine the cause of the crash. The towing service team then headed back to Benefiel office in Hamburg located at 2888 US Highway 275, Hamburg, IA, 51640.

Once back at Benefiel Truck and Tow, the team cleaned their equipment, the rotator, and the flatbed. They were now ready for the next job!