Equipment Towing SD9 Locomotive

Equipment Towing

Locomotive Move Requires Team Work from 2 Local Equipment Towing Companies  Serving Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa, Benefiel Truck Repair & Towing is well-known in 3 states for coming up with the best solutions for equipment towing issues. They recently received a call from a customer who needed assistance with their 320,000 lbs locomotive vehicle that … Read more

Heavy Duty Towing on I-29

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing Team Offloads Trailer Full of Liquid Egg Product Benefiel’s heavy duty towing team were requested by the Missouri State Patrol after a rollover on I-29 in Mound City, MO. A tractor trailer transporting a load of liquid egg products was making its way southbound on the I-29. Realizing he was about to … Read more

Towing Service on Iowa 333

Hamburg Towing Service

Towing Service Recovers Vehicle from Creek  Benefiel Towing Service jumped into action after an early morning call from the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office. A vehicle had been driving westbound on Iowa 333 just outside of Hamburg when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle cleared the guardrail and tore through the brush, ending … Read more

Construction Equipment Towing at Levee Project

Construction Equipment Towing 3

Construction Equipment Towing Team Called in to Lift Articulating Tractor Benefiel’s construction equipment towing team was happy to help a loyal customer with a heavy lift. Everyone living in the Missouri Valley remembers the heavy flooding the region received in 2019. With some towns receiving up to 14 feet of water, something needed to be … Read more

Heavy Towing 75 COWS on I-29

Heavy Towing 4

Heavy Towing Team Called Out for Midnight Rollover Benefiel’s heavy towing team responded to a call from the Missouri Highway Patrol. A cattle truck was driving down the I-29 N when the driver suddenly lost control of his vehicle by mile marker 113. Unfortunately, by the time the vehicle came to a complete stop, it … Read more